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Travel Project 2012 begins!

Anna Warmuth travels ahead to Ethiopia

The second trip to Ethiopia as a part of the Ethiopia solar project begins:
On Wednesday, 03 in October 2012 Anna Warmuth, a student from the Wldorfschule Wendelstein, launched her flight from Nurnberg to Ethiopia. Anna will travel as a vanguard of the project team 2012 to prepare everything for the big group. This means the collection of the solar water pump at the airport in Addis, the organization of the materials and the preparation of the arrival for the project team.
On Wednesday, 10/17/12 the 14-strong team will leave Germany and travel to Ethiopia to continue the project.

Project group in travel arrangements

Projectmoney has been improved with waffle sales to Europe Festival

It continues with the Ethiopia solar project at the Waldorfschule Wendelstein and Ecopia: right after the Bavarian summer holidays, the Ethiopia project group joined the Europe-festival in Wendelstein. more...

Students build solar plant in Africa

Students fly to work to Ethiopia

The solar project of the Waldorf School Wendelstein arose during the annual Waldorf One World Day, just WOW Day, where all students of class 7 to class 12 are involved in a social project. From the discussion with the Ethiopian-born Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie of the charity Ecopia in 2011, the idea to carry out a social long-term project and also provide on-site assistance rose. more...

Max Aicher Recycling GmbH supports Ethiopia solar project!

5000,- Euro for the solar system in the Ethiopian highlands

The company Max Aicher Recycling GmbH, which is located in Nuremberg and other Bavarian places is one of the biggest Bavarian scrap merchant, salvager and recycling company ( So we are supported by a company operating also in the field of sustainability (here: recycling of metals). more...

Community Center of Ecopia basically completed

First pictures of the house in Chencha - power is still missing

After the beginning of our works at the main building of the Ecopia-Organisation in Chencha, we now got the first pictures of the completed building. Mitslal Kifleyesus sent us the pictures last week after her trip to Chencha. On the pictures can be seen, what a beautiful and commodious building has arisen out of our first works on the foundation walls in autumn 2011. The complex of Ecopia should serve the farmers in Chencha to conserve and refine their crop, for example fruits or herbs. But therefore they need electricity. So electricity should be produced by our photovoltaic system, which will be installed by our project team in autumn 2012 next to the main building. By the way – the toilet and shower we have erected in autumn 2011 still work faultlessly.
WD more...

Project group visited Schwabacher solar system

Features of the photovoltaic system are being developed for Chencha

On a sunny Saturday in March 2012 we met Mr. Brunner and Mr. Sauer, both experts for solar energy. Together we visited a photovoltaic system in Schwabach. During this visit we got a first impression of the requirements we are going to face in Chencha, Ethopia: more...

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